Welcome the St. Louis Hacker Scouts Guild, #010. close

Hello and welcome to HACKERu.org – St. Louis
We are hacking education and
building the future’s cutting edge tech professionals.



Hello, I’m Teri Eddy, Director of HACKERu.org.


A lot of kids grow up participating in Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts but there is a new type of youth organization that has emerged on the scene, where the focus is on technology. It’s similar to other scouting organizations in that when you master a skill you earn a badge, but the skills in HACKERu are soldering and circuitry, robotics and Arduino, and programming and power supplies.

On Tuesday evenings, our Hackers and Micros come to uControl Hackerspace to work on an Arduino shield, or a Sumobot for the monthly league tournament, or an independent project that they’ve designed. Each Hacker learns what each component of the project is and does, from the circuit board on up, so that they understand and can use that knowledge correctly in future applications. Mentors flip the classroom, using pre-recorded instructional videos so the kids come ready to build. Skills are taught to mastery while scouts learn at their own pace, which is how we’ve hacked traditional education to fit our needs.

So if battlebots, tesla coils, unmanned aircrafts, 3D printers, and wearable electronics like Star Trek style communicators are what get your blood pumping then come on out to uControl on a Tuesday evenings and see what it’s all about.